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The Best cybersecurity consulting services and innovative solutions, mitigation of risk exposure, enhance cyber and Information security, and create cyber defensive methodology and standards for a global marketplace 


What we do

We provide precision tailored cybersecurity consulting, focusing our core competencies on defensive intelligence, forensics learning. We support global governments, financial banking services, and critical information infrastructure sector owners & operators 


Core Offerings

Tailored innovative solutions to global businesses, financials, and governments

We provide subject matter experts, CISO in-demand services, cybersecurity assurance, operations strategy analysts, and intelligence security policy, corporate governance, regulation integration, and examen human capital awareness


Experience in Cybersecurity Consulting

We have advised critical information infrastructure owners and operators on building resilient systems for the telecommunications Business, Israel.

We understand the business of cybersecurity in the Israel and US government, having advised Defense Base firms and the Military, and serving as advisors to the government agency services, Financial Services Sector.

Global Perspective

Our enterprise clients have included public companies, banks, and private equity firms headquartered in the US,  Middle East, and Asia. We understand the financial services model for global enterprise risk management while meeting regulatory challenges.

Company Growth & Innovation

We are experts in the business of defense, intelligence, law enforcement and counterintelligence operations and help to operational cyber across people, process, and technology.



Our Team

The power of innovative experts

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